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About: Mercat Tours
Mercat Tours was founded by a history teacher. It is the largest and only five-star hiking company in Scotland. They offer day and night tours: old and new towns; above and below ground; history and ghosts. Mercat Tours offers award-winning history and Edinburgh ghost tours throughout the year. They also provide tours from noon to midnight. After 27 years of trials and tests, Mercat Tours believes that their travel can meet the needs of all customers. The story provided by Mercat Tours is true, and you will not find any artificial “jumping panic” or tricks during your journey.
Mercat Tours was born in 1985. Mercat Tours was founded by De Brogan and three other history teachers. They researched and wrote four walking tours, two of which are “Secrets of the Royal Mile” and “Ghosts and Ghouls” are still in operation today. It is the first, largest and only five-star hiking company in Scotland. They provide award-winning Edinburgh history and ghost tours day and night, revealing the story of the city’s past and its people with passion, humor and talent. They choose guides based on their passion and skills and never ask them to follow instructions. Everyone puts their energy into the story, whether it is Adam Smith, the father of economics, or the city’s thugs, rebels, abusers and murderers. Use our Mercat Tours discount code to enjoy a 40% discount on your order, get a Mercat Tours discount on all merchandise, and start saving right here!

How can I use my Mercat Tours discount code?
It is best to use the Mercat Tours discount code, you only need to visit the Tipssaving website, select the code you want to use, and then click “Get Code” to copy the code. Click on the link to go to the Mercat Tours page. Book a trip you want to go or meet the discount code requirements, then you can enter your discount code and click “update” to complete the transaction.

Mercat Tours Frequently Asked Questions
Where does the tour start?
All the tour groups gather at Mercat Cross, an octagonal stele on the Royal Mile, opposite the City Chambers.

Do I have to walk a lot during the trip?
No, the distance is not far away. However, Mercat Tours still recommends that you wear well-fitting shoes, because the ground under your feet may be uneven and sometimes steep-medieval Edinburgh was not built for comfort.

What happens if we are late?
If you are late, please contact Mercat Tours as soon as possible. However, they reserve the right to shorten your travel time. If you do not contact Mercat Tours and you do not show up 30 minutes after the official start of your tour, the tour guide will be authorized to leave.