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About Maid2Clean
Maid2Clean is a family-owned and operated company that helps homeowners, remodelers and designers understand and maintain granite, marble, quartz and other luxurious countertops and floor surfaces. Maid2Clean was launched in 2005 and has become the preferred brand of customers with its high-quality products and excellent performance. Their website provides detailed granite and marble cleaning information as well as proven and effective products. Countertop Specialty prides itself on providing quality services to Maid2Clean UK customers and being the best online service. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Customers can get a 10% discount by registering their transactions. Order items at and use Maid2Clean discount codes and coupon pages to save more money.
Maid2Clean is a company that helps couples who don’t have time or are unwilling to clean and iron when they come home from get off work and prefer to spend time with their families. Maid2Clean has been providing high-quality housekeeping, cleaning and ironing services to thousands of private households for more than 20 years, from one-time spring cleaning to regular weekly cleaning. The company pays attention to the simplicity, consistency and unity of the brand, eliminating unnecessary expenses, such as personnel costs, equipment costs, cleaning material costs, and transportation costs. The cleaner can only be accepted by the client to work in the premises after being reviewed and trained. Maid2Clean also helps cleaners create their own franchise and manage customers individually.

How much do I need to pay?
Maid2Clean UK’s hourly rate includes cleaner’s wages and agency fees. The rate depends on your region and the number of hours required per week. If you need a free quote, please contact Maid2Clean UK! Maid2Clean UK needs you to provide only the approximate number of hours you need and your zip code.

What kind of contract am I related to?
Maid2Clean UK does not believe in lengthy and complicated contracts and believes in fairness. Naturally, like any business, Maid2Clean UK must have terms and conditions, which can be found in the footer of any page. If you do need to cancel, Maid2Clean UK only requires you to notify Maid2Clean UK two months in advance or according to the billing notice provided by the local office to notify Maid2Clean UK.

How do you review the cleaners?
Maid2Clean UK first conducted a telephone interview. If the applicant looks suitable, Maid2Clean UK will arrange a more thorough interview in their own home. Maid2Clean UK will receive them into Maid2Clean UK’s database only after providing identification and address proof and reference materials. Then, Maid2Clean UK will thoroughly monitor every cleaner during their entire stay with Maid2Clean UK.

Will I meet my cleaner before cleaning for the first time?
certainly! Maid2Clean UK knows that the cleaning union is in your home, and personality is usually as important as cleaning standards. Once Maid2Clean UK chooses a cleaner for you, Maid2Clean UK will arrange for them to meet with you so that you can approve Maid2Clean UK’s choice and discuss the cleaning tasks you need. The important thing is that your cleaner is the one you like, so you don’t need to agree to the first person Maid2Clean UK sends to you. Once you are satisfied that Maid2Clean UK has dispatched the right people for you, you can arrange the dates and times for regular cleaning with each other. If you want to skip the interview and go directly to cleaning, you can also arrange it.

What if my cleaner can’t do it or is sick?
Just give Maid2Clean UK a call and Maid2Clean UK will provide you with the cleaning agent.

Can I clean it once a month?
Most offices in Maid2Clean UK do not clean once a month-usually the least frequent cleaning in Maid2Clean UK is once every two weeks, or once.

Do I have to be at home when my cleaner visits?
No, Maid2Clean UK’s cleaners have been vetted and are happy to keep the keys for you. Maid2Clean UK will provide you with a key confirmation form for your cleaner to sign.

Do I have to provide cleaning products and equipment?
Yes, Maid2Clean UK cleaners do not bring their own cleaning products or equipment. Most customers of Maid2Clean UK prefer to specify the substances used in their homes. Please note that for health and safety reasons, bleach is a prohibited substance.

If I am not satisfied, can I change my cleaner?
Yes, of course, Maid2Clean UK has a large and diverse cleaner base. If you are not satisfied for any reason, Maid2Clean UK is happy to help
You assign different people. Please call Maid2Clean UK.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, including public liability insurance of at least £1,000,000. Consistent with all other insurance policies, this is a new compensation for the old insurance, and the policy has an excess. In order to make the cost reasonable, the excess of each claim is £100.