“As a young traveler, I often take risks, but one day, I need emergency medical care. Fortunately, I and a nearly qualified doctor Ania Koziell, they have been carrying temporary first aid equipment. So I question: If I don’t have me Doctor travel partner, how will I deal with? ”
“When I returned home, I cooperated with Ania, and leading adventure and emergency medical experts, in 1989, I developed the first travel specific first aid kit in the UK. Since then, Lifesystems.co.uk continues to develop, use science Innovation and leading research. Provide huge adventure equipment to experience the most difficult adventure in the world. ”
Today’s LifeSystems is a 50-person product developer and a true travel expert, providing an expedition to professional retailers with an adventure team for more than 40 countries around the world. As a team that undergoes efforts to work hard in frequent adventures, LifeSystems.co.uk knows how to make suits suitable for this work.

LifeSystems.co.uk’s products are designed and developed using cutting edge materials and technology. No matter how big or small, each design is in-depth consideration to help you get the best risk. To further enable your adventure, please be safe in your knowledge you prepare for any content.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can children take chlorine?
Chlorine is often a tap water, and it is safe to drink alcohol for all members of the family. However, Lifesystems.co.uk always recommends that you seek medical assistance to this issue and consult your GP.

How long does the chlorine dioxide liquid last?
The mixture will remain effective for 24 hours.

How many sun creams should I apply?
Simply apply freely on the skin, wiping thoroughly ensuring that all exposed areas are covered and try, at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

What is your return policy?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, Lifesystems.co.uk will accept your return within 30 days. Return costs will be charged.
1. Download and print the return form
2. Packing products are best in the original box and packaging. The product must be under the conditions you received and all packaging and additional labels are attached.
3. Transport your return through your preferred method. LifeSystems.co.uk recommends that you send parcels using a delivery service that uses your value to the value of the item. The project is your responsibility before it reaches LifeSystems.co.uk.
4. Return the product to:
Limarque returns
2 Old Brick Kiln Industrial Manor
Monk Sherborne Road, Ramsdell
Hampshire RG26 5PR.
If you have any questions or need help, please contact LifeSystems.co.uk customer service +44 (0) 118 981 1433 (Monday Open line – Friday, 9:00 pm).
After receiving and checking your return through LifeSystems.co.uk, you will have a refund of the confirmation.
Error, defective or damaged items
If you receive an error (different from the online display) or corrupted item, you can return within 30 days after the delivery date. If there is a problem with the item, you have three years submit a warranty claim from an order date. Use your preferred method to return to items, please send payment proof to Lifesystems.co.uk, lifesystems.co.uk will refund the fee. If you do not provide return to Lifesystems.co.uk, LifeSystems.co.uk will return your estimated return.