Emeraldlife: Get 15% Off on Your 1st Order

Emeraldlife: Get 15% Off on Your 1st Order
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About: Emerald Life
Emerald Life aims to ensure that gays and lesbians enjoy the same insurance as heterosexuals. Since its establishment, Emerald Life has been working hard to solve similar problems faced by women and non-traditional families. Emerald Life is well-known for its advocacy and guidance to the community and its help to related charities and causes. Emerald Life has a strong sense of responsibility and mission because it is part of these communities. It removes discriminatory and traditional language and adds additional protection. And try to increase the number of service groups and design coverage, such as discrimination, surrogacy and single-parent families. In addition, it is also committed to improving the customer experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Emerald Life
How do I pay for Emerald Life’s insurance policy?
In order to make the customer’s overall cost competitive, you need to pay the annual premium at the beginning of the policy period. Emerald Life will not provide installments with high interest rates because it is not cost-effective for you, and Emerald Life is unwilling to share the cost of providing flexibility to all customers. This is not friendly to you or it.

What is covered by Emerald Life’s property insurance?
The total coverage limit for the core product is £50,000. The limit for Core+ products is £75,000. For premium products, customers can flexibly choose the maximum insurance amount they need, ranging from £75,000 to £150,000. In this way, customers only need to pay the required premiums. Emerald Life content insurance covers all personal property, but there are certain restrictions and excessive damage compensation for loss or damage caused by a disaster.

How do I complain about Emerald Life?
Emerald Life has set its own high standards because it knows the importance of service. If it does not meet your expectations, it is also willing to accept your complaints and suggestions. If you want to complain about housing and content policy and travel policy, you can contact it by phone and it is willing to help you.

Does Emerald Life have other publicity plans?
Emerald Life has submitted many comments to the British Insurance Association on how to ensure fair coverage for women, the LGBT community and BAME customers. It also worked with the Institute of Insurance Companies to develop a series of support programs aimed at providing women with the insurance they deserve and working to achieve gender diversity in the insurance sector.