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Great deals, save up to 60%
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A family store selling home appliances with a history of over 30 years.
Buywisedomestics Ltd is an independent family run retailer that has been selling household appliances for over 30 years. Buywise Appliances is a subsidiary of Buywisedomestic Ltd and part of the larger Euronics purchasing group, which allows us to offer high quality branded products at competitive prices.

Buywise Appliances is proud of our dedicated Buywise Appliances sales team who can provide a wealth of product knowledge and advice to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Buywise Appliance’s permanent exhibit features a wide selection of dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, ranges, freestanding ranges, built-in appliances, and dryers.

Buywisedomestics Ltd has built a reputation for excellent customer service, great value for money and fast delivery. Buywise Appliances is proud to offer a fleet of Buywise Appliances vans to most parts of the UK. For areas where Buywise Appliance currently does not deliver, Buywise Appliance offers delivery services through third-party white goods carriers.

Thank you for visiting the Buywise Appliance website. Buywise Appliance looks forward to serving you soon.

free shipping
Buywise Appliance offers a free delivery service covering most of England and the Welsh border. Buywise Appliance’s free delivery service uses Buywise Appliance’s own vans. Buywise Appliance covers certain areas on certain days of the week.

Buywise Appliance’s free shipping areas are:-
northampton county
Essex (most areas)
Hampshire (most areas)
Wiltshire (most areas)
Herefordshire (most areas)
warwick county
Buywise Appliance free shipping is usually for one person only, so you can request two-person delivery on the checkout page, but if you live in an apartment or have stairs, one-person delivery is We recommend choosing 2 people for Buywise Appliance as delivery can be difficult. serve.

contact address
45 Parsons Street Banbury Oxon OX16 5NA
01295 266 087
business hours:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 9am to 5pm