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About Broadband Genie
Broadband Genie (Broadbandgenie.co.uk) is a famous Internet provider store, competition Verizon, AT & T and Frontier and other brands. Broadband Genie is one of the retailers who offer discounts on retailers on their website.
The Broadband Genie task is to establish Broadband Genie in 2004, a simple goal: to save the broadband switch as simple as possible, painfully save the consumer time and money.
Broadband Genie has a perfect service to provide, will definitely meet your expectations and requirements.
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How to apply your Broadband Genie discount code
Step 1: Find the Broadband Genie coupon code on this page, and then click the button to view the code. Promotional code will automatically copy the clipboard on your smartphone or computer.
Step 2: Navigate to Broadbandgenie.co.uk and place items you want to purchase in your cart. Once is done, click “Checkout” or “View Cart” to the Broadband Genie Checkout page.
Step 3: On the Broadband Genie’s checkout page, look up the text box named “Promoting Code” or “Discount Code”. After finding it, Paste the Broadband Genie Promotion code into this box. You will apply your discount to Broadband Genie.

Broadband Genie Frequently Asked Questions
How fast is the broadband?
What makes it quickly enough to be called “broadband” without standard definitions, and it is qualified in the broadband service to various situations around the world. In the UK, we can use different levels of performance. Almost every family and enterprise can obtain at least 2Mbps fixed line connections (megabits per second), but most of the speed can get more than 24Mbps. Not sure what you need, or want to know your current speed. Their Broadband Speed ​​Guide can help.

What should I do with broadband Internet?
Broadband connection will provide you with all the contents obtained from the Internet: you will be able to set up and access your email; browse the web; use social network courses, such as Facebook and auction sites, such as eBay; watch and listen to TV and radio, and download Music, pictures and videos; play games; online banking – and more.

What do I need to use?
You need to use a broadband just a device that can connect to the Internet and have software accessible to online services. This may be desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or game console, or any other device capable of connecting through wired or wireless networks.

I already have a broadband. How can I check my speed?
If you already have a broadband internet connection and worry about your connection speed, you can check it through a broadband speed test. To build an accurate speed image, they suggest you close or disconnect all other devices and connect to the router using the network cable (or if it is impossible, sitting next to it to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is very conformity Some tests were run at different times on Monday.
Will I get the advertising broadband speed?
There is no guarantee that you will receive an ad speed. Broadband performance varies depending on your location, line quality and network traffic. Of course, it is not always a bad thing – you may eventually have a faster connection!