Bradfords: Special 45% Discount!

Bradfords: Special 45% Discount!
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Bradfords Building Supplies
Bradfords Building Supplies has been your local trade builder business since 1770. Fast forward 250 years, Bradfords Building Supplies provides landscaping, kitchen and bathroom, tool rental, lumber and general building products to skilled builders, DIYers and homeowners within the Bradfords Building Supplies community.

Building supplies available throughout the South West​​​; Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and even into Hertfordshire and Worcestershire!

Bradfords Building Supplies is a merchant with free shipping and easy branch account opening. Trusted by the industry since 1770.

Which items are non-returnable and not covered by the 14-day “unwanted” return policy?
Certain Bradfords Building Supplies products are not covered by Bradfords Building Supplies’ 15-day money-back guarantee and are therefore non-returnable.

This includes cut, mixed or custom products or materials, as well as used macerators, toilets and pumps.
What should I do if I have installed something that is having problems now?
If the faulty item has already been installed, check if the manufacturer offers a repair service.
If this service is unavailable and fails within 30 days of purchase, you can return it for a full refund or replacement.

If it develops beyond 30 days then Bradfords Building Supplies may offer a replacement or offer a reduced price or full refund.

I haven’t received my refund yet, how long will this take?
If you cancel your Bradfords Building Supplies order, your refund will be processed once the cancellation is confirmed.

If you return your product to Bradfords Building Supplies in store, your refund will be processed immediately to your original payment method.

If you return the product to Bradfords Building Supplies by post, the Bradfords Building Supplies distribution centre will process the refund once the product has been received and inspected. (Note that this may take up to 10 days)

Please allow 3-5 business days for your bank to process the refund.