Boiler grants: Get 15% Off on Your 1st Order

Boiler grants: Get 15% Off on Your 1st Order
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What is a boiler grant?
In 2013, the government launched the Energy Company Obligation (commonly referred to as ECO) program to help more and more low-income households unable to afford to use outdated, inefficient and faulty central heating boilers and/or improve insulation.
The plan provides grants-not loans-which means you don’t need to repay the money. Approximately 2.5 million families may benefit from boiler grants. Your family may be one of them.
Is there such a thing as a free boiler grant?
It should be noted that the ECO plan does not necessarily provide subsidies to cover the full cost of the new boiler. In most cases, boiler grant will meet part of the cost, and you need to make up for any shortcomings.
However, this should not prevent you from applying for a boiler grant, because it can still save you a lot of money, and by improving the efficiency of your home heating system, you can greatly reduce your annual heating costs.
1. Only homeowners and private tenants who have received certain benefits can apply for boiler subsidies. If you are renting and need to replace a boiler but cannot afford it, you should go to to find and compare competitive quotes from local heating engineers. You can find the best price and even pay for the new boiler monthly through financial transactions.
2. Boiler grant is only applicable to homeowners and private tenants (with permission from the landlord) who have received specific benefits and meet very strict eligibility criteria. For example, pensioners need to obtain pension guarantee credit; relying on state pensions alone is not enough. If you receive child benefit, you will be asked more questions about your living conditions and income to check if you are eligible. For more information on eligibility criteria, click here.
3. The ECO plan is funded by the six major energy suppliers. If these companies do not meet the carbon emission targets set by the government, they will face the risk of huge fines because they have a legal obligation to provide support and participate in ECO.
4. The boiler grant can be used to replace non-condensing boilers or condensing boilers. Boilers require an efficiency of less than 86% (rated range between C and G) and usually more than 8 years.
5. The ECO program also provides insulation subsidies to help low-income families reduce heat loss, improve energy efficiency and further reduce heating costs.
6. From the first contact to the day of installation, the entire process may take 2-3 months, depending on the company that is authorized to install the boiler.
7. As we have already said, the grant itself is free. If you are eligible for a boiler grant, you only need to pay part of the cost for the new boiler, and most of the cost will consist of grants that you do not need to repay.
8. The ECO program has limited funds available for certain types of boilers, but it is currently possible to apply for new gas-fired boilers.
9. ECO is only available in England, Scotland and Wales. If you live in Northern Ireland, there is an alternative program called the “Warm Home Grant”.
10. Obtaining a free boiler subsidy is a very simple and straightforward process, you can start from here. Enter your zip code at the top of the page to see if you are eligible for a free grant to replace the boiler.